Remember the Lives lost, the dreams shattered and the hopes destroyed. We honor their memory and vow never to forget their story.
Engulfed in horror, as husbands turned against wives, neighbor turned against neighbor, and the Tutsi people hunted like prey in the wild, without any favor, their blood watered our lands.
Mysteries we may never understand, why did hatred consume the hearts of those who once walked hand in hand?
Eagerly searching for answers to this enigma, of those who were taken in this stigma,
Melancholy lingers, a reminder of the cost of hate, of fear, of intolerance, of what we lost,
But through the darkness, we see glimmers of light, in the brave survivors who rose up with all their might.
Eager to heal and find a better way out of the scars that will no longer dictate,
Restoring the wounds of the past with love and determination, we build a future that last. Where hate and fear are vanquished and love and peace reign supreme.

29th Years and Never Again.

Me Kah Derine

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