Sometimes all it takes is a pair of shoes on the feet of that underprivileged kid to make him feel the possibility of achieving a dream, even if it is just a moment of bliss. It doesn’t have to be a golden pair, it just has to be a foot fit that can move the ballon. A little youngster cannot imagine a more exhilarating experience than being on the field and hearing the fans screaming his name as the Pele or Messi of our time. One painful reality is that we do not choose the homes we are born into, either do we get to choose the talents we harbor, but we can dare to realize them.


Talents aren’t age sensitive, neither do they have geographical boundaries nor recognize social disparities. No matter who you are or where you come from, talent can always favor you.



( Old Pictures taken on the 1st day the kids where met…)



The Birth

Fehdan and Cohesive FC was born from a group of young  talents (7-12 years old) who on a fortunate day had a local routine football match around the Catholic Church in a distant country side at Nyanza District, the Southern Province of Rwanda.

Unbeknown to them, some lovers of young and raw talents were walking pass that area and decided to feed their eyes on the game. It must have been amazing to behold, as a second of watch turn to minutes and minutes till the end of the game. The absence of any rules kept the game so real that the bystanders couldn’t help but wish for more. It was impossible not to notice the tiny, nude feet, which, in their naiveté and lack played in flip flops and topless shots.

From this part of Rwanda, it is luxury for vulnerable kids to afford a decent plate of food a day, they would rather play football in their little attempt to cheat time. Say less of having adequate sport attires like Jerseys and boots, little accidents are inevitable and rampant, but all these limitations wouldn’t stop them from doing what they love.



With the help of a local coach, the Sponsors made sure the kids were organized for their first real match encounter. This time, the story wasn’t the same. Perfectly suited it real jerseys, football boots and referee, a real game was brought to reality. The excitement couldn’t be hidden as the golden kids of Fehdan and Cohesive FC brought to the pitch the desire to win. The 1st half the game was a 1-0 score in favor of Cohesive FC and when the referee blow the final whistle, FehDan FC had equalized the goal leaving it at a 1-1 draw. Penalty shoot outs became inevitable in other to determine the winner of the day and just like the 1st half had predicted, Cohesive FC took the victory for the day with 5goals – 4 for Fehdan. Handsome cash prizes were awarded with the winners going home with the lion share.


It was so overwhelming to watch these superstars display their unprofessional gifts. For lack of better words, I would say they were unwilling to end the game. Every minute was totally engaging, and despite the fact that the moment wouldn’t last forever, they were dedicated to appreciating every bit of it. The best player and goal keeper went home with well-sealed envelopes as well as the Fans Club.


This was indeed a big move for CSR Ltd who also are the sponsors of these heartwarming event, as a way to give back to the Community through the lasting impact felt by these under privileged kids.


The game of foot, is a universal love language understood by all who share a common passion whether big or small.